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Exam simulation & comprehensive QBanks with detailed explanations in anatomy, physiology, pathology, and other medical subjects. Earn achievements for excelling in specific subjects.

In-Depth Analytics

After every Exam Simulation quiz or All Questions Exercise, you get to analyze your answers accompanied by beautiful charts.

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Join the MedBrane community and engage in the following categories: USMLE Prep, Study Resources & Techniques, Clinical Rotations, and Residency Applications.

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What else does the MedBrane app offer?

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Detailed Subchapters

Subjects, especially anatomy, are divided into topics and subchapters. For instance, under ‘Inner Organs,’ you can delve into Thorax, Abdomen, and Pelvis. Selecting ‘Abdomen’ allows further exploration into specific areas like ‘Liver & Pancreas,’ with subcategories on blood supply, structure, and relations with other organs.

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Earn achievements in each subject by scoring 85% or higher on its comprehensive exam. For example, once you earn it for Pathology, the Pathology achievement badge becomes visible to everyone on your profile!

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Saving Questions in Lists

If you wish to review specific questions later, you have the option to save them in a custom list. For instance, you can compile a list of anatomy questions you answered incorrectly. This allows you to revisit them at your convenience and go through the explanations for each one.

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